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26 October 2014 @ 04:34 am
writing, writing, and--did I mention writing? (a.k.a it's been a while)  
I know I should be sleeping, but I can't right now; not when I'm so close to the finishing line. It's almost 4AM, and I'm almost done with a decent first draft of a story for the Muse Muggers. I find the community is a great motivation as well as inspiration for my writings. That said; it's hard submitting a story when you feel it looks like shit, so I've been doddling. It's been two months since I joined, and although I've posted feedback, this is my first submission; I can't believe I'm shy about it. But I'm determined to hand it in this weekend or else I won't meet the min. requirements to remain in the community, which is fair enough.

I don't think I've stayed this up late working on a personal creative piece in a very long time. It's weird, and I can only hope that this WIP is solid. I know my grammar and punctuation needs a lot of work, but I'm willing to improve and learn as I go along.

I'm sure some of you may be curious about my story. For starters, it's not sci-fi or fantasy which I'm sure is a surprise to a lot of people. I wanted to work on a subject matter and genre that is new for me: contemporary romance/new adult-ish.

I kind of thinking about a series of contemporary stories based as modern adaptations of various classical stories because I find that what makes a story classic is the universal qualities. At the moment, I am focused on love as madness. I don't think I'll be breaking new ground, but I want it to be tangible in a way that comes across as sincere versus sensational for instant gratification.

In preparation, I read a LOT of new adult romances and it feels like most of them have a
formulaic style that after a couple of dozen stories can be tiresome. It's not the premise, but the way the heroine deals with some fucked up shit in her relationship(s). Personally, I can deal with reading the crazy if there is as much effort put into making the heroine transition to accepting into her life. It feels like one or two chapters are often used to justify her decision to stay or leave.

What I would like to see, is a heroine who doesn't stick with her man because he's got enough sex appeal and money to charm her panties off. Sex, while it is an amazing thing, isn't everything in a relationship: ergo the problem with some of these stories. I know what some of you may think: Well, Heart, they're not buying the material expecting Tolstoy. Still, I want to see a character who consciously makes a decision to leave a her protagonist for someone else that could be better. It would be from that vantage point I would play the see the effects or rather the impact of what happens; it's not the forbidden, it's the separation; it's a question of discerning between love and obession. The later an objectification of one's own selfish desire; the consequence of which often proves devasting to the core characters.

Ok, I'm way past my "break time," and I'm off back to finishing it up. Seriously, I wrote like 2000 words today, and have been editing and cleaning it up.

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