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02 April 2012 @ 10:47 pm
Writer Musings: My Thoughts Are Not Always So Light...  
I've been on a trek of sorts compiling partial one shots for my novel in progress. I'm not sure if it's common practice amongst aspiring writer to compose their stories pieces at a time,  sew them together. My process is kind of a strange method I've developed these past few years. Instead of creating a story within a linear time frame (i.e. beginning to end) I've written parts of the story as they appear in my mind's eye.

For example, this current piece I'm re-vamping from a writing challenge at musemuggers started with this image I had in mind of two wandering ghosts who discover a "deceased" body. I couldn't help but wonder what spirits think of the living when they no longer can engage with their former world. I began writing out the dialogue for the scene, and then one that I imagine happens later on. Then later on this week, I found another potential scene, and wrote out on a scrap piece of paper a quick write over. I know at some point I will be returning to the original opening scene, but these impromptu scenes become kind of like markers/turning points.

I'm just curious about how other writers develop their stories, and their method in wrangling in their work.