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11 December 2011 @ 01:51 pm
Thoughts On Thomas Hardy; And Romantic Literature In 19th Cent.  
I recently watched the film adaptation of "Under the Greenwood Tree," and although it is not entirely like the book it made me think about Hardy's other works.

I've found the themes of love, and his use of the notorious "love triangle" in his stories interesting. I'm taking a guess, but considering other contemporaries of that time like the Bronte sisters, I think a male perspective on a woman's plight and love revealing.

On one hand you have "Tess D'ubbervilles" and "Return of the Native"; novels where women are not just victimized by their communities but suffer tragic fate at the hands of the men who offer them some escape.

In a strange way, I wonder what kind of world women like Catherine Earnshaw, and Eustasia Vye would be like within the same story...